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BlackWater Group offers unparalleled service and functionality

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Full technician support 24/7 around the clock, and regular maintenance.

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Automatic payouts at the end of every day (depending on pool).

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We reside in the middle of 7 sub-stations in Las Vegas, Nevada using industrial grade transformers

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We get your equipment up and running in the right environment faster. Start hosting today and start earning fast.

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Mining-As-A-Service Pricing

BlackWater Group offers unlimited hosting services. Understanding your unique goals and the details of each bundle is the best way to help maximize ROI.


$ 300 WEEKLY
  • 0% risk


$ 10,000 Monthly
  • 0% risk


$ 1,000 Monthly
  • 0% risk

Frequently Asked Question

Whether you are new to cryptocurrency or a seasoned veteran looking to maximize your investment, we are here to help you get started and rapidly scale your operations.

Cryptocurrency is a computer-generated monetary system. It is created by powerful computers called “miners,” which compete mathematically to secure “transactions.” The transactions are bundled into a “block,” which the cryptocurrency miner digitally verifies to assure the validity of all transactions. The miner computes a “cryptographic hash,” a computerized method to ensure the block’s validity and prevent invalid block construction. Blocks are accumulated and accounted for in the blockchain, functioning as digital ledgers. Miners are rewarded for their transactions with a set amount of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is still in its relative infancy but has come a long way since the Bitcoin network first launched in 2009. Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications have been growing at a remarkable rate in recent years and months, which ultimately bodes well for the long-term outlook of digital assets. Many forms of cryptocurrency – including bitcoin and Ethereum – experienced all-time price highs in early 2021, which many experts state is a good thing for the future. Bitcoin has begun to be seen as a welcome alternative asset class in investment portfolios, particularly as a hedge against risk similar to the role gold has played for decades. Still, it’s important to acknowledge that we’re in the early stages of crypto, which lends itself to both opportunity and volatility. While the long-term outlook is largely positive, miners, investors, and newcomers should keep this volatility in mind when ramping up operations.

There are three main costs to consider when mining with BlackWater – the cost of your hardware, membership fee, and the hosting fee. Membership cost and Hardware cost is a one-time expense incurred at the time of purchase that varies based on the quantity and quality of your equipment. The hosting fee is paid to the colocation facility and varies from one provider to the next, often based on the space, expected wattage of your mining equipment, and services selected.


Proof-of-work is a consensus algorithm used in many forms of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, and others. Within the proof-of-work protocol, miners compete to solve a complicated mathematical puzzle in order to add transactions to the blockchain. A new block is added to the blockchain each time this puzzle is solved, and the miner is then rewarded with the current block reward and any transaction fees included in the block.

Different jurisdictions have different regulations regarding payrolls, income, sales, capital gains, and other aspects involving cryptocurrency and taxes. Investors are responsible for reporting and dealing with taxes in their local jurisdiction.